VW.com Now in Spanish

Customers in the San Fernando Valley demand better connection with their vehicles and the places they are sold. A dealer can say “se habla español,” but do they mean it?

 How about a manufacturer saying “se habla español?” Volkswagen has been doing so for many years. Now Volkswagen does it online.

Our Spanish-speaking customers demand a lot from the vehicle they buy and own. Volkswagen Van Nuys will be there for everyone – no matter the language!

All our Spanish-speaking customers have to do is to log on to http://vw.com/es - it is everything they need, including building a vehicle, checking inventory, connecting with online help and access to the owner’s portal. You can also connect with the dealer – us – in Spanish, also.

Everyone is welcome at Volkswagen Van Nuys. Shop online and see us at the dealership!

¡Bienvenidos a Volkswagen Van Nuys y los vehiculos de Volkswagen! ¡A su servicio!