Future Vehicle: Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Pickup Truck Concept

Southern California is where the small pickup truck craze began. It continues today where we use them for work and play. They are also used to commute on our freeways. Truck owners never forget that they offer versatility, capacity, and capability they provide on a daily basis.


Volkswagen is no stranger to pickup trucks. There was a version of the venerable Volkswagen Bus where you can load the bed from the back or on the sides – just drop the bed’s wall and load up! Then, there was the Rabbit Pickup. It resided alongside larger small trucks at a time when they were really cool!


Today’s pickup trucks are more demanding machines designed for work and play. This is why Volkswagen introduced their Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept at the New York International Auto Show.


The Atlas Tanoak (pronounced “tan-oak”) is a mid-sized pickup truck that offers more than its competitors. More box capacity, versatility, capability, and a smart design that is familiar and useful.


Unlike most pickup trucks, the Atlas Tanoak is built on the same platform as the highly successful Atlas SUV. It is an integrated design that emphasizes optimal cab and bed strength and higher stability than its competitors. The wheelbase is 128.3 inches long – perfect for balancing loads in the 64.1-inch long bed.


Ground clearance is important to increase the versatility and capability of the Atlas Tanoak. With 10 inches between the surface and the underbelly of this pickup truck, it enables better terrain management when the job (or playtime) takes you away from the highway.


The double cab design offers equal space as you see in the first two rows of the Atlas SUV. Expect sporty seating for five people and the latest Digital Cockpit technology and the MIB II infotainment systems.


Power comes from the 3.6-liter V6 with 276 horsepower on tap. 4MOTION all-wheel drive is designed for a variety of traction situations the Atlas Tanoak will encounter daily.


At the New York International Auto Show, the buzz on this concept was strong. Maybe Volkswagen will build it. What do you think?


If you think that Volkswagen should build the Atlas Tanoak pickup truck, contact us at Volkswagen Van Nuys!  Your interest in this exciting new addition to the Atlas family will help it get produced alongside its popular SUV brother in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  


How about a return of the Volkswagen pickup truck?


Interested in the Atlas Tanoak?

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