The Volkswagen CC: A Leader in Style

Volkswagen has always broken the mold on the automobile from the beginning. That tradition continues in one of our finest vehicles – the CC.


The CC is known as a four-door coupe – four-door access, just like a sedan, but with a body shaped like a coupe. Unlike most coupes, the CC offers big accommodations for four adults, sitting comfortably. It is powered by either a 2.0 liter TSI Turbo engine or a 3.6 liter V6 – depending on model. Each model offers a level of luxury usually reserved for higher priced automobiles.


However, people buy the CC because of its style – its four-door coupe design is low, sleek and beautiful. It prompted a lot of our customers to compare the CC to very expensive machinery.

For example, there had been some cross-shopping with the Audi A7 – a five-door low-slung hatchback. Though the hatchback offers additional practicality, the Volkswagen CC offers more value for the money, better overall fuel economy and, actually, better rear seat space.


Other vehicles that have popped up in the CC’s cross-shopping list were the BMW 4-Series Grand Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class. When you start talking about these four-door coupes, it is very clear that the CC offers a better price and value than these two other models. Again, the Volkswagen offers better rear seat space and more practicality than the BMW and the Mercedes-Benz.


One thing that rises above it all – it comes down to the CC’s style. This is why customers at Volkswagen van Nuys have fallen for the charms of our flagship four-door car. Is it attractive? Come and see why it is one of the bets looking and most stylish cars out there.