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That moment you realize it's just shy of your lease term. What are your options? What makes sense?

Volkswagen Van Nuys is the easiest place to return your well-loved vehicle or purchase your lease option....

If your lease is up or about to expire on your Volkswagen or Audi, you probably have a number of questions, but the big one is, “What do I do now?”.  At Volkswagen Van Nuys we have the answers and are we are here to assist you!


When your lease term has expired, you have two options.  You can buy out the lease at the price agreed on when you signed up for the lease, or, you can turn it in and lease a new Volkswagen.  Almost everyone chooses the second option because they want the latest and greatest that Volkswagen has to offer.


When you turn in your vehicle there are a few things that you should do prior to turn in to avoid any extra charges.


1) Make sure the car is absolutely clean. 


2) If there are any scratches or dents, get an independent estimate of the repair cost. Compare the estimate with what you’ll have to pay for wear and tear. 


3) If the vehicle needs new brakes or tires, find out the cost before turning it in. You’ll profit by having the work done before the lease ends.


4) Take pictures or a video of the vehicle in the event of a dispute.


5) What is your mileage and have you gone over the mileage terms of the lease.




Things that people often forget when returning the lease vehicle .


Remove CDs from deck and multi-player.


The master key and/or spare key. 


When you hand the car keys over, don't forget to remove your  personal keys.


Empty personal items from glove compartment, door pockets centre console, rear centre console, sun visor pocket, hidden pockets and check the spare wheel area.


Fast Pass tags and parking permits (both on wind shield and mirror).


If your Volkswagen came equipped with a CD for Navigation, make sure that is in the glovebox.


If you have any question, feel free to give us a call or stop and talk to us.  We are here to make your Volkswagen ownership as happy as possible.

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