Local Car Dealership Loses Lot For Christmas

Peter Aron - American Icon Media

December 19, 2017

Volkswagen Van Nuys in Van Nuys CA, got an unexpected surprise this holiday season when they were asked to vacate one of their vehicle storage lots to make way for a Christmas Tree Farm. The dealership which would typically store 50-70 cars on the lot was forced to consolidate the cars onto their only other storage lot causing a huge storage problem. We asked Billy Rinker, the General Manager, how this would affect their business. “Losing the lot really puts us in a tough spot. We literally have no space for the vehicles. And we continue to receive several truckloads each week with even more cars.

He is currently looking for additional storage for the dealership but it doesn’t think he will find anything before the New Year. When asked what his plan was Rinker stated “At this point, the quickest solution is to put the cars in customer’s driveways. Our loss can be their gain, and we would rather offer bigger discounts to the customers, because it will cost even more money to rent another storage lot, but that is what will have to do given the current situation. We stocked up on additional inventory for our year-end Sign Then Drive Sales event, and now we don’t have space for the cars. We really bit off more than we could chew. ”
If you have any information on potential storage locations in the Van Nuys area please immediately contact Billy Rinker at Volkswagen Van Nuys (888) 558-4905.