The I.D. R Pikes Peak Racer - Pushing Electrification Up The Mountain

At 14,115 feet above sea level, Pike’s Peak is a majestic summit on the Rocky Mountain range. It is also one of the rare mountains that you can drive all the way to the summit.


Every year, the challenge is set for a race to the summit of Pike’s Peak. The International Hill Climb is more than just a mere run to the top of the mountain. There’s twists, turns, and minimal protection between the car and the cliff.  


On June 24, Volkswagen will join the number of race cars set to climb the summit. The I.D. R Pikes Peak prototype race car. The all-electric I.D. R Pike Peak racer is designed for not only hill climbing, but on-track performance. The motor set-up put out 680 horsepower


Initial testing was conducted in Europe by former Pike’s Peak champion Romain Dumas. The feedback has been positive in regards to performance on track with aspirations to replicate these tests when the car comes to the United States.


Through motorsport, Volkswagen has been able to harness what they learned from the track and trail to every vehicle they produce. With the e-Golf and the upcoming I.D. family of electric vehicles, let Volkswagen Van Nuys be your source for plug-in vehicles. Contact us about getting plugged in for today and the future. 


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