Which Golf Would You Choose: GTI or Golf R?

Southern California is the home of some of the deepest car enthusiast communities in the country. They are very picky about what they choose to drive. They often use the canvas of a great machine to customize them for better performance and awesome looks.


Which Volkswagen Golf would they choose? For decades, it has been the GTI, until the R came. Still, there are those who prefer the GTI over the R…and vice versa.


Who would an enthusiast choose one over the other? This chart is a quick rundown as to which one to choose…and why?



Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen Golf R

Base Price

$25,595 (S w/manual transmission)

$35,655 (w/manual transmission)


2.0 liter TSI Turbo – 210 HP

2.0 liter TSI Turbo – 292 HP


6-speed manual standard/DSG gearbox optional

6-speed manual standard/DSG gearbox optional

Final Drive

Front Wheel Drive

4Motion all-wheel drive

Fuel Economy

24 MPG City/34 MPG Highway

22 MPG City/31 MPG Highway


Two excellent choices to consider. There is much more to consider beyond just mere numbers. Both performance models stay true to the core of the Golf Family. Each one exhibits its own personality – the GTI is an everyman’s performance hatchback made to excite the senses even in heavy traffic. The Golf R is a track star made for the street, powered by grip and maximum traction to induce performance to the outer limits.


But which one to choose? Volkswagen Van Nuys has this covered with available inventory to check out and to test drive. The choice is up our customers.