Volkswagen e-Golf: The Most Fun in any Electric Vehicle - and a Better Value!

Electric car consumers will never settle for electric power alone.


They want more – drivability, comfort, execution, design and fun.


Can an electric vehicle be fun? That is why Volkswagen of Van Nuys offers the e-Golf to those looking to not use any fuel in their daily drive.


Want proof? Here are five to consider a Volkswagen e-Golf:


DRIVABILITY: Some think that because there is an electric motor under the hood that it would be less of a Golf than its gas-powered brothers. The one thing e-Golf customers will tell you is that once you put your foot down on the accelerator, there is instant torque – 199 pound-feet worth! That is more than a lot of cars in its class! You would be sprinting on the on-ramp using absolutely no gas. You might be the first to get that parking space on Ventura Boulevard.


EFFICIENCY: The e-Golf has an estimated maximum battery range of 83 miles. If you live here in Van Nuys and work at Warner Center, that equals to 4-1/2 round trips on one battery charge! It also translates into an EPA estimated 126 MPGe in the city, 105 MPGe on the highway. This is better than its more established rivals - the Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV, Ford Focus Electric, Fiat 500e, or any Tesla. As for plugging in, there are plenty of places across Southern California that you can charge up while you’re at work or shopping….or just plug it in at home! You can also recapture some lost battery life every time you put on the brakes through its regenerative system. There are three regenerative braking modes to choose from to do so.


IT’S JUST LIKE ANY GOLF YOU’VE DRIVEN BEFORE: Some electric cars have to be designed as such to look like more science fiction than reality TV. When you see the e-Golf for the first time, it just looks like any other Golf you see on the road – or on our showroom floor. Step inside, and it’s all familiar. Just like a regular Golf, with its comfortable and supportive seats, instrumentation, the MIB II infotainment system, and so forth. And, it rides and handles like a Golf. If you know how much the Golf loves the curves on Mulholland Drive or the comfort you get sitting on the 405 Freeway, then it would be exactly the same in the e-Golf. It will be quieter, though. The wheels might look different, but it is engineered to be a Golf – just with an electric motor and a battery pack to charge up.


CLEANER AIR: Want to prevent a First Stage Smog Alert? Drive an e-Golf. When driving one, it is not putting any tailpipe emissions into the air. Because it emits absolutely no CO2 in the air, the e-Golf qualifies to wear the white Clean Air Vehicle decal for use on any High Occupancy Vehicle lane in California! That means a solo driver can take the e-Golf and fly by rush hour traffic with ease.


VALUE: Compared to popular EVs, the e-Golf has a lower base price. Including Federal and State incentives - an estimated $10,000 in combined tax credits - the e-Golf is truly one of the best buys of any EV in California. It comes in two trim levels – SE or the luxurious SEL Premium. The latter is actually more luxurious than a…ehem…Tesla.


Also, Volkswagen covers the battery pack with an 8-year warranty. The e-Golf is also the safest, sanest electric vehicle in California, thanks to Driver Assistance features, such as Forward Collision Warning System, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Park Pilot and Park Assist.


Volkswagen of Van Nuys has a selection of e-Golfs in our inventory. Visit us and see how an e-Golf can be the best car value in the San Fernando Valley!