Choosing The Right Oil for Your Volkswagen


Choosing the right oil for the engine is a bit tougher than before. It used to be just picking five quarts of oil for the oil change, as long as it is the right weight. Not anymore. It is a lot more complicated than that.


At its core, motor oil provides the essential lubricant for the engine to operate properly. Once stored in the oil pan, it circulates throughout the inner parts of the engine, all the way through to the cylinder heads, making sure of a smooth operation for every moving part to work. The type of oil does depend on actual operation, including higher revolutions, temperature thresholds and the type of fuel being used to keep the vehicle running.


The service department of Volkswagen Van Nuys wants to help explain the differences between motor oil, especially for our high performance engines.


CONVENTIONAL OIL: These are oils that were derived from basic crude oil that go through a petroleum-based constitution. Basic of its natural base, it is available for most engines to use, but might be limited in terms of higher performance needs.


SYNTHENTIC OIL: These are chemically-made oil that are not derived directly from crude oil. They are designed to handle a wider temperature range and for higher revving engines.


SEMI-SYNTHETIC OIL: This is a hybrid of both crude-based and chemically-made properties. Some engines are able to manage this kind of oil for the properties it uses to balance performance and temperature.


Selecting the right oil for the engine is important, not just for oil changes. It is in case the oil is running low inside the engine in-between the prescribed maintenance schedule times.


If there any questions as to exactly which oil is being used, talk to the service department at Volkswagen Van Nuys and see what is re commended not only by us, but by Volkswagen. Remember to follow the maintenance schedule for optimal performance of your Volkswagen.