Choosing How You Shift: Manual or DSG?


There is a reason why we offer manual transmissions on our Golfs, GTI's and Jettas. It creates excitement where you take your Volkswagen.

Part of that excitement is something VW always believed in – offering enthusiasts a manual gearbox for their car.

Driving a manual transmission is the key to controlling your car. You had full control of your destiny on any given road

Once you engaged the third pedal, you worked the gear lever through each cog. Each gear earned a response from the engine. It beckoned for more. When you gave it more, you settled into a speed that was right. When it is time to slow down, you re-engage the third pedal and shift through the gears the other way down.

However, there is another option to the third pedal – the DSG. Known as the Direct Shift Gearbox, Volkswagen developed this transmission to respond like a manual without the use of a clutch pedal. There are clutch plates inside of the transmission – two sets of them. They are electronically controlled based on the behavior of the engine in response to the throttle.

A DSG transmission can also work like a manual. The gear lever in the center console has a setting where you can “throw” it into manual and toggling it up and down the gears. This feature is available on our six-speed automatic transmissions, but there is a more direct and improved response with the DSG. Some models offer paddle shifters on the steering wheel for more tactile control.

There have been owners that have said that the DSG responds quicker to shifts than a manual. Without engaging the clutch, that is possible with a quicker read on revs and speed from the DSG’s control system.

Volkswagen Van Nuys not only offers manual transmissions on the Golf, Golf R, GTI, Golf SportsWagen, and Jetta. You can get one in your Beetle and CC. The DSG transmission is also available on the Golf, Golf R, GTI, Jetta, CC, Passat, and Beetle.

No matter which transmission you choose, the excitement of driving a Volkswagen will always yield the same response – a huge smile on your face